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Bonding is one of the main themes of the 21st century with adhesive solutions developed for a broad range of industries including transportation, electronics, packaging and still many more. In particular, pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and specialty adhesives are of rising importance due to their intrinsic benefits and wide application fields ranging from labels and tapes over graphics to medical applications and drug delivery.

Henkel, with its team of dedicated adhesive experts, is committed to continued developments and innovations in PSA technologies. We work intensively with our partners to foster progress and collaborate closely with our customers during their product development process to support them with tailor-made pressure sensitive solutions and best practice experience – to be “One step ahead” in the market place together.

Henkel Global Product Offer

Henkel has installed global operations to serve our customers wherever they are. For our PSA business we have set up an efficient global supply chain for all relevant technologies. We are the only supplier offering the 4 major PSA technologies: solvent-based acrylics, water-based adhesives, hotmelts and UV hotmelts. There are manufacturing assets for solution acrylics in most regions (Europe, America, Asia). For hotmelt PSAs we leverage our manufacturing footprint to achieve full synergy potential with other markets (like nonwovens and food packaging) and have more than 17 manufacturing sites globally. We use our global sourcing network effectively for all technologies – providing our customers with consistent quality and the assurance of a strong global player in terms of security of supply.

Benefit from Henkel's global product offer:

  • Globally aligned operations and supply chain to serve customers on a local and global level for all PSA technologies
  • Global Key Account management for global players
  • Comprehensive product ranges for all PSA technologies around the world
  • Security of supply through global sourcing network and multi-sites per technology
Henkel Sales Specialists & Technical Service Experts

We help you wherever you are! Our strong local presence and the profound application know-how of our PSA specialists will support you in optimizing processes and maximizing performance. Our dedicated PSA team offers 360° expertise in pressure sensitive adhesive solutions: From product and process recommendations to in-house coating capabilities in our technical service centers to comprehensive training and consultancy.

Benefit from Henkel's team of experts:

  • Team of dedicated pressure sensitive adhesive experts in market and application knowledge
  • In-depth process know-how and technical consultancy to maximize performance
  • Strong local presence
  • Technical service centers with in-house coating capabilities
Henkel Product Development & Innovation

Henkel has the broadest technology and application portfolio of pressure sensitive adhesives. In a continuously growing market we aim to expand our application spectrum for pressure sensitive tapes, labels and graphics constantly. At Henkel, we have established powerful R&D centers that serve various sectors of the PSA market. In addition, we have in-house polymerization capabilities which enable us to offer a broad range of customized products.

Benefit from Henkel's product development & innovations:

  • Deeply committed to continued development and innovation in PSA technologies
  • In-house polymer design and customized product development capability
  • Local product development backed by global research network
  • Powerful R&D centers with a team of dedicated PSA experts
  • Preferential access to latest generation raw material developments at top tier suppliers
Henkel Acquisitions

Acquisitions are an important part of Henkel's overall strategy, contributing to the continuous optimization of our portfolio and, ultimately, strengthening our expertise and customer support. We have defined clear selection criteria for possible acquisitions in respect of strategic fit and sustainability.

Benefit from the integration of the recent Cytec and Novamelt acquisitions:

  • Complement and expand Henkel’s established product range of pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Bring in leading product development and technical expertise
  • Provide centers of technical excellence for PSA technologies

More information on the Novamelt integration

Henkel Sustainability & Food Safety

We are highly committed to sustainability. Cooperating closely with our customers, Henkel is constantly improving sustainability in all four main PSA technologies: hotmelt, UV hotmelt, water-based and solvent-based acrylics. The hotmelt PSA LOCTITE DURO-TAK UV range, for example, is 100% solid acrylic-based and UV-curable. This reduces emissions in our customer’s production process. Furthermore, Henkel improves sustainability by optimizing the delivery process through the supply of liquid hotmelt PSA.

Benefit from Henkel's sustainability focus:

  • Sustainability as systematic part of new product developments
  • Improving sustainability in all four main PSA technologies taking into consideration product formulation, packaging, transport as well as the application and further processing
Henkel Sustainability & Food Safety

Henkel – Your partner for food safe solutions

Food safety is one of the key topics of the food and food related industries. Henkel offers a full portfolio from adhesive solutions for food safe packaging to application expertise and customer trainings. Furthermore, we have established a web platform where you will find expert knowledge on various food safety related topics:

  • Interactive webinars – deepen your knowledge on food safety topics and address your questions to our experts
  • White papers and videos – get informed about regulatory and legislation topics as well as latest scientific findings
  • Food safe solutions – find adequate food safe adhesives for a wide range of packaging applications

Visit our Food Safe Packaging Portal

At Henkel, we are continuously looking beyond the borderlines of our own company in search of new ideas and collaboration opportunities. We work intensively with our partners in the market to develop new solutions and applications. Furthermore, we keep close exchange with the PSA industry by our memberships in associations, e.g. in FINAT, the European association for the self-adhesive label industry, or Afera, the European association for the self-adhesive tape market.

Benefit from Henkel's strategic partnerships:

  • Focus on joint developments with customers and co-suppliers
  • Profit from our close exchange with relevant partners along the PSA value chain to determine the perfect match of equipment, substrates and adhesives
  • As leading solution provider, Henkel has access to all important adhesive technologies
Henkel Scientific Services

Henkel's department of Corporate Scientific Services has developed into a modern service provider who, thanks to a team of highly qualified staff and with the help of state-of-the-art equipment, is able to tackle a wide range of analytical issues. On a daily basis, our specialists deal with challenging tasks – tasks that sometimes can be solved with a single analysis, but more often involve an interdisciplinary approach.

Benefit from Henkel's Scientific Services:

  • Dedicated experts for food and skin contact applications with market unique in-house labs
  • Various migration testing capabilities (e.g. overall migration, migration under retort and non-retort conditions)
  • Highly specialized Henkel experts and in-house labs, e.g. for thermal analysis, surface technology, inorganic trace analysis, chromatography and spectroscopy

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