Water-based adhesive: Ready-to-coat PSA designed to improve total cost of ownership

Henkel's AQUENCE water-based adhesive technology comprises high-performance PSA solutions that are used in various applications spanning the tape, label, graphics and medical market. The adhesives are coater-ready and provide advanced bonding necessary to meet demanding applications in a wide variety of end-use markets.

The AQUENCE range enables our customers to improve their total cost of ownership and product quality, thus creating efficiency and reliability in the manufacture of pressure sensitive solutions.

Henkel’s AQUENCE water-based adhesive range consists of reliable solutions for many label applications, including clear labels, general purpose permanent labels, pharmaceutical labels, and removable & reclosable labels. Key benefits across these applications include:

  • Suitable for high-speed coating
  • Good adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • Recommended for beverage and household applications
  • Superior water resistance
  • Best in class removable for paper and filmic face stocks
  • Unique balance of adhesion and cohesion preventing label flagging
  • Compatible with a wide range of tackifiers
  • Henkel food contact statement available
  • Good adhesion on both polar and non-polar surfaces
  • Excellent die-cuttability
  • No label look

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AQUENCE Water-based Adhesive for Tapes

Henkel’s unique AQUENCE water-based adhesive range also covers adhesives for important tape applications, e.g. foam & mounting tape. Key benefits across this application include:

  • Ready to coat
  • Aggressive adhesion and high grab on difficult surfaces
  • Fast bonding
  • Suitable for automotive applications
  • Low VOC and fogging

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AQUENCE Water-based Adhesive for Graphics

Furthermore, Henkel’s AQUENCE water-based portfolio encompasses cutting-edge adhesives for graphics applications, e.g. advertising graphics, removable protective film, exhibition graphics and architectural & corporate graphics. Key benefits across these applications include:

  • Suitable for short term and advertising graphics
  • Good anchorage to PVC and polyolefinic materials
  • Good adhesion on non-polar surfaces
  • Clean removability from a wide range of surfaces
  • High clarity
  • Good resistance to film shrinkage
  • Very high cohesion

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AQUENCE Water-based Adhesive for Medical Applications

Henkel’s comprehensive AQUENCE water-based adhesive range is accomplished by adhesives for medical applications where skin contact is essential, e.g. wound dressings, bandages and medical tape. Key benefits across these applications include:

  • Approved for skin contact applications (ISO 10993)
  • Low trauma wound care
  • Good anchorage to cloth facestocks
  • Clean removability
  • Excellent skin adhesion
  • Good breathability

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