Specialty adhesives: High-performance solutions for various application challenges

Henkel aims at providing customers with a competitive edge by delivering specialty adhesives for numerous application challenges. These include solvent rubber pressure sensitive adhesives, polyisobutylene (PIB) adhesives and starch-based bioadhesives. Learn more about our specialty adhesives and their specific benefits for your applications.

Henkel Solvent Rubber Adhesives

Henkel's DURO-TAK solvent rubber adhesives are designed to help optimize coater line speeds and stand up to demanding industrial applications that require high tack with a balance of adhesion and holding properties. We offer products that provide a choice of permanent adhesion or easy removability. Conversely, many of our products perform equally well on sensitive skin for medical or cosmetics applications.

Henkel’s DURO-TAK polyisobutylene (PIB) adhesives offer a variety of chemical compositions and performance features to ensure that formulators find a good match for their drug formulation.  Henkel is also willing to offer customized polyisobutylene compositions to meet the needs of your new patch development.

Henkel Starch-based Bioadhesives

Henkel’s proprietary PROLOC bioadhesive technology provides a superior means to deliver therapeutic agents locally and across mucosal membranes at various absorption sites. PROLOC bioadhesives provide increased bioadhesive properties and the capacity for higher drug loading, while remaining gentle to the mucosa. The PROLOC system can be compressed into a tablet, utilized as a powder or cast as a film. Several clinical trials have been performed to demonstrate the successful delivery of drugs across the mucosa or for local therapies using the PROLOC technology.

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