Solvent acrylic: Comprehensive PSA range for outstanding durability and strength

Henkel's LOCTITE solvent acrylic technology, covering an extensive range of pressure sensitive adhesives, is used in a variety of applications within the tape, label, graphics and medical industry. The adhesives are noted for their strength and durability under adverse conditions and are able to withstand weather and chemical exposure.

LOCTITE provides outstanding persistence with good tolerance towards UV, shear and temperature, custom formulations across diverse applications and a broad range of peel and tack to meet your specific application requirements.

LOCTITE Solvent Acrylic for Labels

Henkel’s LOCTITE solvent acrylic range comprises advanced adhesive solutions for numerous label applications, including durable labels, pharmaceutical labels and removable & reclosable labels. Key benefits across these applications include:

  • Good adhesion on various substrates like ABS, PVC, PS, PA, aluminum
  • Very good all-rounder adhesives
  • Clean removability and excellent reclosability
  • Excellent shear resistance
  • High clarity
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Low migration
  • General purpose grade

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LOCTITE Solvent Acrylic for Tapes

Supporting the tape market, Henkel’s LOCTITE solvent acrylic range includes high-performance adhesives for various tape applications such as automotive tape, conspicuity tape, general purpose permanent tape and specialty tape. Key benefits across these applications include:

  • Good low and high temperature performance
  • Suitable for high grab, heat seal or truck-edge marking
  • Toluene free
  • Very good temperature resistance
  • Good adhesion on various substrates like ABS, PVC, PS, PA and aluminum
  • Very aggressive tack
  • For splicing of various materials
  • Very good peel retention on highly plasticized PVC banners

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LOCTITE Solvent Acrylic for Graphics

Henkel’s sophisticated LOCTITE solvent acrylic range also encompasses adhesives for modern graphics applications, e.g. advertising graphics, overlaminating films, vehicle graphics, traffic & safety graphics, removable protective film, exhibition graphics and architectural & corporate graphics. Key benefits across these applications include:

  • Suitable for monomeric PVC, polymeric PVC and stone chip protection films
  • Good anchorage to various substrates, e.g. filmic material
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Recommended for car wrapping, vinyl decals, road signage or license plate materials
  • Excellent on difficult-to-bond surfaces (LSE)
  • Good die-cuttability
  • Extended outdoor use
  • No adhesion build-up over time
  • Excellent plasticizer resistance

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LOCTITE Solvent Acrylic for Medical Applications

Further solutions in Henkel’s LOCTITE solvent acrylic portfolio cover adhesives for medical applications such as wound dressings, medical tape, surgical drapes, electrodes and ostomy care. Key benefits across these applications include:

  • Approved for skin contact applications (ISO 10993)
  • Adhesives for low, medium and high tack
  • Recommended for wound care materials and ECG electrodes
  • Clean removability
  • Good anchorage to different carriers used in medical applications
  • Excellent die-cuttability
  • Breathable
  • High tack and peel

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