Henkel Adhesives for Specialty Tape

Specialty tape: High-grab solutions

The tape industry encompasses a broad range of specialty applications in which the adhesive plays a critical role. Such tape applications include so-called high grab or splicing, heat seal tape and PVC tape, for example.

As your experienced partner in pressure sensitive solutions, Henkel is providing first-class solvent acrylic adhesives for various specialty tape solutions. Our adhesives offer high adhesion to various substrates, very good temperature resistance and are toluene free.

Tailored solvent acrylic adhesives to fulfill your needs for specialty tape.

High grab tape / splicing:

  • Very high instant grab
  • For splicing of various materials
  • Very good temperature resistance
  • Toluene free

Heat seal tape:

  • Extremely high shear and temperature resistance
  • Good anchorage on PVC and PE foams
  • High total solids
  • Toluene free
  • High adhesion to various substrates

PVC tape:

  • Very high tack and plasticizer resistance
  • Good cohesion
  • Good shear and temperature resistance

Manufactured in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific

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