Henkel Adhesives for Conspicuity Tape

Conspicuity tape: Contribution to traffic safety

Several studies have demonstrated that conspicuity tape significantly improves traffic and transport safety in terms of accident avoidance. In order to stick reliably on a vehicle, however, the tape needs to incorporate high-performance adhesives.

Henkel is offering a full range of pressure sensitive adhesive solutions that are suitable for high reflective tapes e.g. for truck-edge marking. Learn more about our solvent acrylic adhesives for conspicuity tape.

Tailored solvent acrylic adhesives to fulfill your needs for conspicuity tape.


  • Very good peel retention on highly plasticized PVC banners
  • Suitable for high reflective tapes for truck-edge marking
  • Very aggressive tack

Manufactured in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific

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