Henkel Adhesives for Electrodes

Electrodes: Skin safe adhesive support

Electrodes are designed to measure electrical impulses within the body that can be used to aid in the diagnosis of a variety of medical conditions. The electrode is constructed using a foam, coated paper or plastic type material coated with skin safe adhesive.

For these and related applications Henkel is offering a full range of pressure sensitive adhesive solutions, including hotmelts and solvent acrylic adhesives for electrodes. Learn more about our portfolio.

Tailored hotmelt adhesives to fulfill your needs for electrodes.


  • High adhesion combined with good cohesion
  • Good performance under difficult conditions
  • Clean removability after long term wear
  • Careful selection of raw materials

More information about TECHNOMELT Hotmelt Adhesives

Tailored solvent acrylic adhesives to fulfill your needs for electrodes.


  • Very high tack grade
  • Good breathability
  • Approved for skin contact applications (ISO 10993)
  • Recommended for ECG electrodes

Manufactured in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific

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