Henkel Adhesives for Specialty Labels

Specialty labels: From RFID to digital printing

Specialty applications such as radio-frequency identification (RFID), digital printing or wash-off also require specialty labels. Since these particular requirements are different by nature, different adhesive technologies are needed as well.

Henkel owns vast experience in the development of adhesive solutions for specialty labels and is offering a comprehensive range of hotmelt and UV acrylic adhesives in this field. Learn more about our pressure adhesive solutions and the benefits for your specific application.

Tailored hotmelt adhesives to fulfill your needs for specialty labels.



  • High initial tack performance
  • Good balance between adhesion and cohesion
  • High adhesion for various substrates
  • Excellent aging resistance

Digital printing labels:

  • High resistance against edge-bleeding, particularly in digital printing process
  • Low coating weight

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Tailored UV acrylic adhesives to fulfill your needs for specialty labels.


  • Alkali wash-off products for bottle labeling
  • Removable filmic and paper labels
  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent long term UV and heat stability
  • High temperature constructions

Manufactured in Europe and North America

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