Henkel Adhesives for Food Labels

Food labels: Meeting highest food contact requirements

Food labels play a critical role in food contact and related applications, not only from a regulatory, but also from a consumer perspective. Henkel is offering food labeling solutions for a broad range of application fields, including cold and wet surface labeling, filmic labels for milk bottles, direct food contact, fatty food labels as well as wine and beverages.

Our adhesive solutions for food labels show high performance even for demanding applications, excellent adhesion to dry, moist and fatty products, and a very good tack. Learn more about our food labeling solutions and their particular benefits for your specific application.

Tailored hotmelt adhesives to fulfill your needs for food labels.


TECHNOMELT Hotmelt Adhesives


  • For heavy paper or filmic labels
  • Enabling high-quality label design
  • Permanent
  • Good adhesion on glass and chilled surfaces
  • Ice water resistance
TECHNOMELT Hotmelt Adhesives

Direct food contact:

  • Excellent adhesion to dry, moist and fatty products
  • For demanding food contact applications
  • Good performance in low temperatures
TECHNOMELT Hotmelt Adhesives

Filmic labels for milk bottles:

  • Low application and service temperature
  • Good cold performance
  • Food contact approved

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